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Multi Faith Collections


Available In:

Individual, 3 or 6 Faith Collections

With Standard or Enhanced Content

We have produced a range of religious collections designed to meet multi faith needs.The collections provide a cost effective solution.

The collections are available individually, and also in 3 or 6 religion sets in a standard or enhanced content format. 

Individual collections available from the religions listed below.

The 3 Faith Collections have been put together to provide a range of items for the following religions:


The 6 Faith Collections have been put together to provide a range of items for the following religions:                     



Also available:

Islamic Religion Observance Collection

Religious Holy Book Pack


In consultation with faith organisations,suppliers of products and literature from around the world we have produced a range of affordable multi faith religious collections.

Depending on your choice, the collections contain a selection of holy books, prayer books/booklets, practical religious items used in worship, guidance cards on all the listed religions with essential general information and assorted information leaflets. Large print text publications to help the visually impaired have also been included where possible.

Plus, a further A5 Guidance Card which contains a summary of significant dates and events for this religion

Rigid cardboard box with lid - Stackable and labelled with each religion. Suitable for the individual and sensitive storage of these faith items.

Optional sturdy/stackable plastic storage containers available.

We know there are ever changing and diverse needs in a range of situations so we are happy to discuss any specific requirements that you may have and to provide that bespoke solution.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. On occasions in order to source the range of material required it may be necessary to include books that have been used, in which case we only use books that are in very good condition. Exact content may vary subject to stock availability. If a particular item is not available it will be replaced with a similar item. We are constantly updating and seeking to improve the content of these products, which again may result in adjustment to content.


*We have a NO MINIMUM ORDER policy, but if you are considering a bulk purchase please contact us for details of any price breaks that are available*

The user should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use, and ensure that individual risk is assessed prior to issuing.Some of the content may contain staples, or in the case of the Qibla compass - glass. So a risk assessment of ALL content must be carried out prior to use

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