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Individual Unisex Wash Kit

Individual Unisex Wash Kit

Individual Unisex Wash Kit

Contains 1 each of:

Plastic comb - 5" pocket size

Shower gel sachet

Pre pasted toothbrush 

Plastic comb 

Plastic 5" Pocket  Comb

Coarse and fine teeth

Colours may vary

Shower gel sachet

Single use

Sutherland® Shower Gel sachet

Pre pasted toothbrush

A disposable toothbrush which comes impregnated with toothpaste. The toothbrush unscrews from its case and can then be screwed back into the case with the brush on the outside, to form a useable toothbrush.

Each Wash Kit is individually bagged and labelled.

Item specifics subject to availability - if individual items in the image displayed are no longer available a same priced/similar product will be substituted.


*We have a NO MINIMUM ORDER policy, but if you are considering a bulk purchase please contact us for details of any price breaks that are available*

The user should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use, and ensure that individual risk is assessed prior to issuing.



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