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Choose which ordering and payment method works best for your organisation.

You can:

Order via purchase order, by email or post.

Alternatively order and pay using most major credit/debit cards, PayPal. How to pay via PayPal is detailed below.

Purchase Order/Invoice

The following organisations are among those for whom we accept purchase orders and payment via invoice -  we must have the purchase order number before we can process the order.

All government departments.

1)      If you want to order in this way, you can place your order by email (or post) for payment via invoice. We will require an official purchase order before your order is processed. We can send a pro forma invoice to confirm the details of your order if you prefer.

2)     Your purchase order should include the following information:

·        Purchase Order Number

·        Invoice and Delivery address

·        Accounts contact name, telephone number and email address for invoicing

·        Delivery contact name and telephone number

·        Email address (where available)

·        Whether you would like the carrier to notify your delivery contact with the delivery schedule by text or email.

Email your purchase order to:


Post your Purchase Order to:

Detainee Supplies Ltd

4 Flixton Rd, Blundeston, Suffolk, NR32 5PL

Most major payment cards accepted.


Order/Pay via Bank Transfer or PayPal. For non-account orders.

Just send us your order, we will reply with a pro forma invoice, and then you can pay securely using a Bank Transfer or PayPal.

To make a payment via PayPal:

We can send you a PayPal invoice or payment link for our 'PayPal.Me' payment option


You can send money via PayPal by following the instructions below:

How do I send money using PayPal?

With PayPal, you can make payments to anyone with an email address.

Here’s how to make a payment:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Send Money.
  3. Enter the our email address......and the amount you want to pay.
  4. Make your selection accordingly, then choose the reason for the payment.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Review the amount, the payment method, and shipping address.
  7. Add a message (if you want to), then click Send Money 

PayPal send the recipient an email to let them know that you have made a payment to them. 


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All major payment cards accepted